Fleet and Driver Management System with GPS Reporting and Live
Tracking Options
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These systems offer faster return on your investment by
modifying driver behavior as well as tracking positions of events.
The way this is done is by the setup you determine. We can
match the FM200 On Board Computer programming to your
company's driver policy such as speeding, high engine RPMs, use
of emergency lights or siren, rapid acceleration, harsh breaking,
hard cornering (with the use of optional G-meter), overtime
driving, weekend driving, scheduled and unscheduled stops or
any other condition you may need to monitor your drivers
activities. It is like you are ridding with then everyday.

We can have the FM200 sound a buzzer in the vehicle in the
event that your driver is: speeding, braking hard, over reving the
engine, or any combination of events. The FM200 will warn them
that they are exceeding a limit that you have asked them not to.

The FM200 records second by second (tachodata) vehicle data like
speed, RPMs and brake application, this information can be critical
if there is an accident(just like the black box in aircraft). This
information can be used to better understand exactly what
happened when an accident occurred without having to spend
thousands of dollars proving that your driver did what they were
required to do.

Fleet Manager 200 Vehicle Hardware

The VDO Fleet Manager vehicle system is one of the most
sophisticated and scalable fleet and driver management
solutions available.

FM Software

VDO Fleet Manager 2002 Professional is a client-server software application for fleet management, providing seamless, integrated
management of your fleet.

FM Accessories

Powerful accessories for the Fleet Manger line to help monitor,  
modify driver behavior, control maintenance costs and track your