Fleet Manager 2002 Professional

TitleKB No.
Incorrect start time on Event Report246
Why do I need to execute the Swap unit functionality255
Time-synchronisation issues256
Configuring Engine hours257
Problem with negative ID's258
CallDMI error occurs in GSM Download260
Long calls to GSM modem connected to FM200261
Activity Timeline and Trip Report trip data and event data inconsistency262
Changing sim card causes ID verification to fail first time around, Using no PIN263
When changing from FMOnline mode the FM Client needs to be restarted266
GPS Log Viewer buttons and menus are disabled267
Detailed Trip report hangs for large scope of data272
How to import Location data273
FM2002 initialised driver plug does not disarm FM unit274
Mutliplug aborts in FM2002 Client276
Not able to connect more than one FM200e device at a time279
Error upgrading FM2001 (SR1/SR2) database to FM2002282
Pre Paid functionality in Fleet Manager283
After uninstalling and reinstalling MSDE, I cannot open my existing database or create a new one284
Activity timeline details displayed incorrectly285
Missing Dutch Language Files287
Using COM ports higher than COM1 to COM4 with the SMS Processor288
Setting engine hours via GSM289