Fleet Manager 2001

TitleKB No.
Software unable to read data from the download module1
.ECU file cannot be restored13
Trips with a very short distance show a very high average speed14
Reports display incorrect ODO reading15
'Time in Green Band' column should be labeled 'Time out of Green Band'16
Error when initialising a driver plug17
Total sum for vehicles in detailed daily trip report is incorrect19
Incorrect serial number printed on registration card20
Overflow Error on download if the driver ID is a negative number21
Changing trip details in the driver activity timeline causes an error22
Error updating the FM '98 Database27
Fleet Manager Software procedures for when a FM200(e) Unit is cleared41
Guidelines for Report Logo Images42
Latest Device Drivers for FM200 and FMTerminal214
How To Add More Digital Inputs To The FM200215
FM2000SE extensions not to be installed with previous versions of FM218
FMClient hangs after installing FMAPC224
Exported Vehicle Configuration Report vs Snapshot version of the report228
Pulse counter not accepted by software230
Geo-fencing not recording231
KTCO modes not recorded correctly232
Error when exporting large report234
Copy Vehicle Feature duplicates the unit phone number235
Data discrepancies in reports - FM2001236
No data recorded with EDM on I1-I4237
Data discrepancies in reports - FM2000239
Error 91 when uploading configuration to vehicle plug240
MSDE Installation241
Running FM2001 with Microsoft SQL Server 2000242
Error when uploading FM100 configuration244
PreProcessFM200Data error while downloading in FM2001SR2245
Incorrect start time on Event Report246
Unable to restore backed up database249
ASP Script Errors in FMOnline250
Guide to Time synchronisation setup for GSM251
Reports take very long to generate252
Why do I need to execute the Swap unit functionality255
Time-synchronisation issues256
CallDMI error occurs in GSM Download260
Activity Timeline and Trip Report trip data and event data inconsistency262
Changing sim card causes ID verification to fail first time around, Using no PIN263
FM2002 initialised driver plug does not disarm FM unit274
Error upgrading FM2001 (SR1/SR2) database to FM2002282
Pre Paid functionality in Fleet Manager283
After uninstalling and reinstalling MSDE, I cannot open my existing database or create a new one284