Fleet Manager 2000

TitleKB No.
Software unable to read data from the download module1
How do I access the information in the system using Access 97?7
CTL3D32.DLL incorrect version on Windows 95 with Novell Netware Client Shell installed11
How do I rotate a 3D graph in the Fleet Manager software?24
Error creating database during installation26
How to configure the Fleet Manager application for client-server37
Fleet Manager Terminology (FM200(e) Unit)39
Fleet Manager Software procedure to follow when an FM200(e) unit is swapped40
Fleet Manager Software procedures for when a FM200(e) Unit is cleared41
Guidelines for Report Logo Images42
Report generation finishes but the report is not displayed.43
VDO Kienzle Fleet Manager Software Year 2000 Compliance (Y2K)45
Exported spreadsheet shows dates in place of times.51
Error 2004 occurs when generating a report56
Tacho data graph shows zero values for the auxilliary frequency input (F3)58
Fleet Manager Installation Resets DCOM Configuration Settings59
How do I specify the order for .cri files in a Report Batch?60
VDO Kienzle Fleet Manager Software with Microsoft Office 200061
Driver Reports Not Available62
Incorrect column types in Excel exports69
Error 105 When the software Loads72
New Events Not Visible on Timeline73
Out Of Memory Errors in FM98 and FM200074
Fleet Manager 98/2000 software reports different driving times than FM100 software does.79
The VDO Kienzle Fleet Manager database is not a valid database file.80
Multiple Drivers Driving one Vehicle81
Repeating Message Box occurs on Profile Edit84
Error 3026 on Compact85
Data for Events defined on one PC not being stored on another87
Tacho Data Recorded While Vehicle is Stationery88
The 'Elapsed Time' reported for an Event Occurrance is Incorrect89
Cancelling Reports 'Hangs' the system90
Managing Large Databases with FM98 and FM200091
Max RPM Shows Higher than RPM on Tacho Graph92
Max RPM Shows Lower than RPM on Tacho Graph93
Installation Fails on Windows 98 Second Edition (Win98 SE)96
Error 324 on Download98
Rules for Creating and Upgrading Fleet Manager Databases99
Errors when attempting to backup database100
Activity Timeline Statistics Don't Display Correctly101
Not a valid snapshot file102
Parking time calculation on detailed trip reports103
FM200(e) Events appear permanently 'on' in Activity Timeline104
Idle Occurring Outside of a Trip105
Error 429 On Download when using Win98 SE106
Incorrect Data from Fuel Recorder (EDM)108
Error 50104 trying to access the download module109
Events Based on Trip Distance Don't Work114
EDM Data on Tacho Graph shows zero values116
Activity Timeline Displays incorrect l/100km117
How do I access the information in the system using Access 2000?118
Divide By Zero error occurs on Activity Timeline119
Error 2201 occurs when generating a report120
Error 50104 occurs, and my software is installed into a disk drive other than C:121
Fleet Manager on a Novell Netware server123
Modifying Input or Service Information at Config Group doesn't update Vehicle124
General Protection fault (Access Violation) Generating a Report125
Error -113 During Installation of FM98 Software126
'Store Average Value' for Events Does Not Work129
FMTerminal Date Displays Incorrectly132
Vehicle trip report figures do not balance when there are days with no trips135
Incorrect readings from EDM136
Discrepancies between Odometer Reading and Distance on Performance Summary Report137
Error 429 During Installation or Trying to Open the Software138
Error -113 During Installation of Fleet Manager on Eastern OS139
APCLog.txt File Grows Very Large142
Noisy FMTerminal Units144
'Invalid DDR Path Specified' even if it exists146
No DDR's found, even if they exist147
Report/Graph Criteria: From Date Greater Than To Date149
I can't find the FM Upgrade+ Registration Card on the FM2000 CD154
Administrator Program can't lock Database157
Daylight Savings Not Updating158
Can't Upgrade Database After FM2000 Install162
What's new in CITAS 2010 version 2.20?163
'Unknown' Error Reported in Fuel Consumption Graph164
Error -132 during SR1a Install167
'Method '~'...' when clicking OK/Apply on the Vehicle dialog168
Initialise Plug, no Vehicles of Type Causes Problems172
'System Override' Option Enabled for FM100 Event173
'Unknown Drivers' prints zeroes on Driver Score Report174
FMServer.exe Access Violation on Driver Scoring Report175
Modify Fuel Entry results in two entries176
Cancel Vehicle Form still updates plug, or asks to update plug177
How To Implement Remote Downloading178
FMTerminal Event Report always displays 'Unknown Driver'179
Port settings reset when upgrading with FM2000180
Error -113 During Installation of Fleet Manager Software182
Error 3075 Generating Event Report184
Error 94 while downloading a vehicle plug186
What's New in VDO Kienzle Fleet Manager 2000187
Scale Incorrect on Fuel Consumption Graph188
Trips or Events 'On' for Extended Periods of Time189
Run-time error '3265' when trying to use FM Object Finder Extension190
Beep and Flash Codes Made EASY194
Fleet Manager 2000 hangs while loading195
How to change graph defaults197
Error 13 when trying to generate Event Report/Activity Timeline198
Error when attempting to create a new language set199
Importing FM100 Version 2 database into FM98/FM2000 fails204
Relay Enabled parameter incorrectly set206
Unable To Upload Customised FM Terminal Menu Script208
PC won't shutdown while FMAPC is running209
VDO Kienzle SI No. 382012 - Using the FM200 with the Mercedes Benz PSM-Module (parameterizable special module)210
F3 parameter does not accept 'Units' description when added211
Fleet Manager on Windows ME212
Error 3075 when generating ANY Report213
Latest Device Drivers for FM200 and FMTerminal214
How To Add More Digital Inputs To The FM200215
Is the FM200 Unit Intrinsically Safe?216
FM2000SE extensions not to be installed with previous versions of FM218
When to use the Event Configuration File (.ecf)219
Abnormally high duration values on Daily Driver Trip report220
FMDealer displays no text221
FMClient hangs after installing FMAPC224
Reload DDRs after upgrading to FM2000SE227
Exported Vehicle Configuration Report vs Snapshot version of the report228
Setting arming delay in Vehicle Configuration Group to less than 1 minute229
Pulse counter not accepted by software230
Error when exporting large report234
Data discrepancies in reports - FM2001236
Data discrepancies in reports - FM2000239
Error when uploading FM100 configuration244
Why do I need to execute the Swap unit functionality255
Activity Timeline and Trip Report trip data and event data inconsistency262
Pre Paid functionality in Fleet Manager283