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VDO Fleet Manager Professional is a
client-server software application for fleet
management, providing seamless, integrated
management of your fleet.

The software and FM 200 Plus enables you to
manage vehicle, driver, passenger and
location information, define and manage
events to be monitored by your vehicle units,
record servicing details, analyze fleet data
and do extensive management reporting.

Based on Microsoft SQL Server database
technology, you can run the software on a
single PC (via the free Microsoft SQL Server
engine (MSDE) installed with the software), or
integrate the database into your company's
existing Microsoft SQL Server database

Fleet Manager Professional (FM Professional) is an enterprise
solution, designed to leverage the power and flexibility of the full
range of Fleet Manager on-board computers, accessories and
peripherals. FM Professional is a client-server application which
can run on a stand-alone computer or scale to run with
components distributed across a local area network (LAN),
wide-area network (WAN) or even the Internet.

FM Professional includes functionality for monitoring and
managing driver and vehicle performance, controlling
communications costs, reporting on fleet operating costs, active
(real-time) and passive (after-the-fact) tracking of vehicles and
drivers, location management, communications and messaging,
route planning and variance reporting, trailer management,
vehicle maintenance reporting, service reminders and much

FM Professional also includes the powerful Fleet Manager
Communications Suite and a comprehensive collection of
Extensions (add-ons) designed to meet the unique requirements
of diverse vertical markets such as exploration and safety,
materials handling and much more.

Fleet Manager Reports
Features include:

Manage multiple sites
Useful Shortcut Bar
Manage Driver and Vehicle Details
Manage Configurations
Customised Events
Management Reporting
Vehicle Tracking
Multiple upload/download communication options
Various extensions available
Various Accessories available
Scalable architecture
Microsoft SQL Server database technology
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