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Fleet Manager Professional Reports






All recorded information can be printed by individual drivers or vehicles, user defined groups of drivers or vehicles or per site. The following table lists some of the reports available in the core VDO Fleet Manager Professional software. Additional reports are also available in Fleet Manager Extensions.

Activity Timeline
The activity timeline displays trip and event information for a driver or vehicle graphically in the form of a timeline. It can display up to 24 hours (a full day) of information and can be zoomed in to display various time periods down to 1 hour.

Detail Trip Report
Shows, on a per trip basis: Driver name, Vehicle description, Trip start/depart/arrive/end, Drive time, Idling time, Parking time, Maximum speed, Average speed, Distance, Driver, Odometer reading

Daily Trip Report
Shows, on a daily basis: Start time, End time, Duration active, Driving time, Idling time, Standing time, Parking time, Distance, Driver, Odometer / engine hours (end), Trips/events

Monthly Trip Report
Shows, on monthly basis: Duration, Driving time, Idling time, Standing time, Parking time, Odometer / hours begin, Odometer / hours end, Distance / hours, Trips/events

Driving Errors Report
Shows, on trip-by-trip, daily, monthly or summary basis:
- Over speeding
- Over revving
- Harsh braking
- Excessive idling and
- Out of green band driving

Event Report

Shows event type, number of occurrences, duration and value of parameter exceeded

Accident analysis
Shows Engine Speed (RPM) in one (1) second intervals and value of other inputs.

Fuel consumption
Shows Date, Quantity, Consumption, Target, % of target of fuel used.

Driver scoring
An objective matrix scores drivers against a user-defined set of parameters.

A number of powerful graphs are available, including Driving Errors, Driver Scoring, Fuel consumption, Driver performance and Accident analysis.