Intelligent solutions for more effective fleet management.

VDO deploys the latest GPS and communications technologies
to create a comprehensive range of powerful fleet management
systems. As well as providing more immediate and reliable
communications between base and fleet, VDO systems enable
you to monitor and control all fleet vehicles with even greater
efficiency and precision. The modular architecture represents a
more intelligent approach to system design, with all the power
and flexibility required for modern fleet management.
The VDO Fleet Manager 200 Plus is one of the most
sophisticated and scalable fleet management solutions
available. It is a modular system designed to interface with a
selection of existing (and future) industry standard products,
thus protecting your investment today and into the future.

This is all possible through the re-programmable firmware
contained within the VDO Fleet Manager 200 Plus on-board
computer. The VDO Fleet Manager 200 Plus has all the
functionality with a full upgrade path with a wide range of
accessories and upgradable software.

With a fleet management solution based on our VDO FM 200
Plus, you will be able to determine who was driving your
vehicles and when, measure productivity of your vehicles (and
staff), cut your running costs, reduce your maintenance
overhead substantially and save fuel.

You can also improve driver safety, monitor and deter bad
practices, reduce risks of fines and damages caused by incorrect
driving habits or over-loading.

The VDO FM 200 Plus on-board computer has been used
successfully in a variety of applications and business solutions
across various industries and market segments world-wide.